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Friday, December 13, 2013

41 stranded whales continues in Florida

Rescuers today continued the salvage of 41 whales remain stranded in waters near the National Park Everglades in southern Florida, where specialists had already sacrificed four and six others were found dead , authorities .

Effective Management of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration U.S. ( NOAA) resumed this morning the rescue of the 41 whales stranded in shallow waters near Highland Beach, a task that is difficult to be in an area of difficult access .
The aim of the team of specialists , who has joined the U.S. Coast Guard , is to lead the surviving whales into deeper waters , a very difficult task , mainly because living cetaceans refuse to leave , apparently to fish dead , officials said .
According to the broadcast images , several specimens found dead and lying on the beach and others floating in the water .
Such frequent in the Gulf of Mexico , whales can grow to about 20 feet .
The waters where they have been stranded just have a meter deep , which makes very difficult the rescue , as the area is only accessible by boat and does not allow handling larger vessels , he told local media spokesperson NOAA Blair Mase .
Whales are the kind of "pilot" or " finned " , are protected and are abundant in the Atlantic Ocean , usually travel in large groups and it is not surprising that sometimes become disoriented and end up stranded in shallow water .
The last time a similar incident occurred in Florida was in May 2011 when another 16 whales of the same species were caught in Key West . In 2003 another 28 suffered the same situation, also in the Florida Keys , and many of them died.

Know that the elephant is the mammal with more time in pregnancy as it reaches 22 months ?

Yes , the longest gestation period in mammals , the elephant is therefore reached at 22 months ; birth breeding has a weight of 100 kilos and a raised 90 inches and one at six months although they eat food solid - mammal for three or four years.

Here we have added an excerpt from a documentary about the gestation of the elephant : VIDEO

Females usually give birth to one calf every two or four years. They can start breeding at age 14 . As a curious fact , sometimes the tube pups suck, as children do with your thumb. The link established with the mother lasts long enough, and it is normal to observe a female offspring followed different ages.
Another remarkable fact is that the offspring are grouped , as in a nursery under the supervision of a female, while others feed .
The pups spend much of their time playing : splash in the water, chasing small animals , they fight each other with their trunks , and when they stop playing , lean against each other and doze . Adults need little sleep , and spend most of the time eating or visiting the points of water for drinking and bathing .